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DIscord AI Moderator to manage user inquiries and ads 


The Company


Datasource AI is a platform revolutionizing data science competitions, democratizing AI/ML for businesses of all sizes. Their mission is to empower global businesses with affordable, high-quality Machine Learning algorithms, enabling data-driven decisions for growth and profitability.

The Challenge 


With a Discord community boasting over 20,000 members, faced a significant challenge: managing the influx of inquiries and discussions related to data science competitions, AI, and machine learning models. It was a hindrance to efficient communication and knowledge sharing within the community. 

The client outlined three main objectives for the project:

1. Implement an AI Chatbot capable of delivering real-time data and responding to inquiries within the Discord community.

2. Establish a dedicated knowledge base to organize and store relevant information for community members.

3. Monitor advertisements within the Discord community using the AI moderator.

The Solution


Discord AI Bot 


We developed the AI mods with users to sign into Discord and create projects which are then moderated by an AI mod. These bots were designed to specialize in a specific subject area. So that users benefit from a mod with expertise in the specific field and do not provide generic answers or hallucinate. 

The knowledge base

For an AI bot to respond to user inquiries effectively, it must have access to a knowledge base. This was created by scraping relevant data sources, including files and links. One of the challenges we faced was overcoming hallucinations. To tackle this, we continue to train the model with up-to-date, unbiased, accurate data.  
By doing so, the users receive reliable information 24/7 and the bot avoids generating unnecessary biased data or hallucinating. 

Ads Monitoring 

Additionally, the AI moderator was equipped with ad monitoring capability. We incorporated free, open AI API keys to submit ads into the mod and create customized messages. For example, for unsubscribers, it will display a ‘sign up with a subscription’. 

We’re still collaborating with the Datasource team to integrate the mod to telegram. 



 Front-End Development: 



- MongoDB


Back-End Development:
- Nest js 

- Python 
- AWS ECS infrastructure

Client Testimonial

"I would like to express my gratitude to the Paradigm team that played an instrumental role in the successful launch of our datathon platform. Their expertise, guidance, and support have been invaluable throughout our journey. They offered us insightful advice, helping us shape our vision and refine our strategies."

Nikolaos Kostopoulos

Founder at
Athens, Greece

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