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A Robust LLM-Powered AI Assistant To Discover Million Dollar Ideas


React, Next.js, Python, LLMs, DynamoDB, Aurora PostgreSQL

The Company

IdeaScale is a leading idea and innovation management software designed to enable the sharing of ideas and foster collaboration and creativity within organizations. For 4.5 million users worldwide, IdeaScale is a space to transform business development ideas into profitable products and services.

Too many good ideas, too little time

The ideascale campaigns are similar to Reddit channels for organizational ideation. They are filled with a plethora of ideas beneficial for the growth of the company posted by their workforce.


These ideas ranged from ‘terrific’ to ‘impossible’ which were ranked based on votes and comments. The best ones are put into action and a progress funnel showcasing the stage they were at from completion.


However, users sifting through thousands of ideas to find the actionable ones was like searching for a “needle in a haystack”.


Recognizing the need for a solution, IdeaScale partnered with Paradigm to develop an AI assistant chatbot capable of efficiently filtering and identifying the million-dollar ideas from the campaigns aligned with their goals.

Search taken to the next level

Our team conducted a comprehensive user requirement analysis to identify the fundamental use cases of an LLM-powered AI chatbot assistant. Then, we meticulously designed an AI chatbot, drawing inspiration from the intuitive interface of ChatGPT. Users could then filter existing ideas based on the number of votes or semantically related keywords.


Taking it a step further, we incorporated advanced search features – internal, web and default (chatbot chooses the suitable internal/web search) to gear up users to explore new ideas beyond their initial scope.


With chat history and a continuously updating knowledge base, our LLM was trained to deliver the most accurate, reliable responses. As a result, this harnessed users to spend less time scrolling and more time acquiring relevant information.


By assisting the client to achieve their objectives, we demonstrated the capabilities of our tech-savvy, young, enthusiastic team of engineers to innovate a groundbreaking solution that is bound to make waves.

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