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Deploy production-ready APIs for any open-source or private LLM. Highly scalable and 100% private. No data leaves your environment. 

Here's what we built


🔥 Features

  • Highly scalable as it is deployed on top of Kubernetes

  • All models stored and maintained privately

  • Supports a wide range of models out of the box (Text generation, Code generation, Instruct)

  • Works seamlessly with any private model

  • Cloud agnostic

How can this be useful to you?

​LLM2API enables enterprises to securely leverage generative AI tools, marking a significant leap in internal productivity.  The system is designed to let businesses build custom internal applications without the common concern of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) security, a feature that truly sets us apart in the tech landscape.


Perhaps most notably, this solution offers an unprecedented ability to promptly spot potential security breach paths—an invaluable tool in today's digital business environment.

Our tooling gives us a head start

​Paradigm has been developing its own MLOps tool which is open-source.

This experience and expertise we have gained by building scalable AI solutions on top of Kubernetes sit at the foundation of LLM2API. 

If you want us to evaluate your AI strategy and guide you on how to benefit from solutions like LLM2API, feel free to contact us

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