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Intelligent AI Chatbots For Efficient In-Field Professional Training




React, Next.js, Python, LLMs, AWS

The Company


Skillfully is an online upskill platform designed to be a stepping stone for working professionals seeking to transition into a brand new career. From interactive learning sessions to intelligent hiring processes, they embrace cutting-edge technology to transform digital learning and career development.  

When professional experience always comes first

Enterprises hiring new talents for customer service often dedicate at least six months of field training during onboarding. This has been the traditional approach for quite a long time. Today, online training is gaining traction and Skillfully knew it was time to transform this process. 

For Skillfully, the key requirements were to

a) facilitate AI agents offering virtual training of industrial skills to prep them for “field training”

b) the training must be on par with the experiences gained during real-life customer service situations

c) train AI virtual bots to meet the expectations of different industries. 

To better scale learning, they imagined  AI virtual assistant chatbots trained to “roleplay” with trainees; playing the “good” and “bad” customer to help fill in the gaps in human resources. 

Inculcating career skills with “role-playing” virtual assistants 

Focusing on Skillfully’s vision, our team built two models - an "actor" model to play the part of a real client and a "critic" model to refine the actor model’s responses. 

The two models worked in unison to design unique and rewarding real-life scenarios for trainees. Our chatbot was eventually able to demonstrate customer reactions ranging from the delivery of positive remarks to defiantly hurling negative outbursts.


Working hand in hand with Skillfully, we succeeded in developing an AI chatbot that could be customized to meet the training standards depending on the industry. 

Client Testimonial

"Paradigm's expertise was pivotal in our journey into AI, propelling us forward at record speed. Their innovative approaches and deep insights enabled us to develop and launch our new AI offering seamlessly."

Brett Waikart
CEO/Co-founder at

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