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A Low-Code Gen AI App Builder For Blazing Fast Product Development

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React, Next.js, Python, LLMs, DynamoDB, Aurora PostgreSQL

The Company

Salus X Labs is a fast-growing startup on a mission to deliver enterprise-grade, low-code AI applications. As the demand for LLMs and AI is ever-growing, they believe that building gen AI applications must be effortless, “blazing fast” and secure.

Adapting to the Fast-Paced AI Industry

For Salus X Labs, building gen AI applications is a core service in driving revenue and success for the business. But a lack of resources including skilled developers, hardware and time propelled them to look for alternatives.


As a forward-thinking startup, they required a robust product that aligned with their mission. That is, a developer-first, low-code app builder to easily integrate, scale and govern AI models in one place.

A Robust Powerhouse To Lead the Journey

Per the requirements of the client, our team showcased their tech prowess by developing a scalable, low-code gen AI app builder.


To ensure that the product was powerful and intuitive for users of any knowledge range, we developed it with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.


With built-in tooling and templates, typical software components only have to be logically arranged to create production-grade gen AI apps.


The result?


Salus X Labs developers spent less time coding from scratch and instead prioritized product-driven decisions. Our team also handles scaling the deployed apps from the developer's part.


Taking the most work out of the hands of the developers, our team was able to build a powerful gen AI app builder aligned with the client's requirements.


Through dedicated hours of iterations and development, our genius engineers pulled off a robust product amidst time-constrained deadlines and technical resources.

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