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Hire your own world-class
Generative AI team.

We've helped companies build and experiment with generative AI by bringing them the best remote AI-focused engineering talent. 


Our Success Stories


What we do

We simply bring expertise and speed to what you want to build in the Generative AI space.


Build scalable AI applications

We do not build toy AI demos. We follow the best engineering practices to deliver a scalable enterprise-grade application. 



Solve your business problem with AI

We prioritize problem-solving over blindly applying AI to everything. Informed by our years of experience in the field, we will work closely with you to understand real business impacts and apply the technology in the best way possible.

Apply 8+ years of AI experience

We have been building production-grade AI solutions way before ChatGPT was a thing. We bring all that experience out-of-the-box for you.


Assemble highly skilled AI teams - with both ML and Full-stack capabilities

Our teams comprise industry experts, computer science PhDs and highly skilled software engineers. Because scalable AI systems cannot be built by ordinary teams.

Our Work in Open-Source

We continue to share our expertise with the ML community.

Hire World-class AI Talent

  • Starter

    Every month
    Remote Senior Level Engineer
    • Get a Senior ML Engineer or a Senior Full Stack Engineer
    • You treat this as an extension to your team
    • We monitor developer performance
    • We manage all employment-related details
  • Best Value

    Dedicated Team

    Every month
    Your high-performing AI team
    • You get a dedicated team of:
    • +1 Senior level (ML/Full Stack) Engineer
    • +2 Junior level (ML/Full Stack) Engineers
    • +1 Project Manager
    • You choose between ML and Full Stack talent
    • We manage all employment-related details

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